Tour Diary

Thursday, April 10th was the day our first little German Tour with Magnified Eye and Zerocharisma started. Man, what a Line-up I thought and everyone was really looking forward to the next five days.
The first gig was in Jena at the Rosenkeller, a nice Studentenclub which appears like an ancient dungeon.
Over hundred people showed up and it was a great start for the Tour.
It was pretty cool to meet the guys from Magnified Eye who we met before last year and Zerocharisma.
Zerocharisma were first a bit quiet but this should change during the Tour. I guess it is just their mentality. All are very nice people.
After the party was the afterparty in an hotel. What a first night. When I entered the floor the next day I thought that must have been some Rockers with all the spot and cigarettes on floor.
The way to Würzburg was very long. The finish guys could drive not so fast with their trailer so I went with them as guide. They are really relaxed and I wonder how they manage it not to build up aggression or not to lose their temper during such a long ride (over 2000km) with so less space.
Nevertheless we arrived on time and the gig was ok. I think the worst of our dates because only 18 people showed up and we all were a bit tired from last night's party.
After a night of good sleep we headed for Bad Frankenhausen the next day with full batteries.
This time our Roadie Nils joined us because he was on duty the night before if you know what I'm saying. After a while in town we all had long but comfortable ride. This was also due to good music and the literature in the Finnmobil.
The White Pig in Bad Frankenhausen is an Art café and Fred from Caligula666 welcomed us with some beers. I felt this would be a great evening and it was. Again over 100 people were there and it was the best gig during the Tour. The crowd was awesome. Every band got their applause and
Zerocharisma rocked so damn well, no words for that. The afterparty was also great and I remember the birds singing when I went to bed or better when I passed out.
The next day we all went to Burglengenfeld in Bavaria. The people there were mostly young but also a good audience more than we expected. In the end it was a great evening again. A big thanks goes also out to Gregor. He was so friendly and let us all sleep in his house and he let us party until the last beer was finished like the days before.
The next day was very relaxing. No long drives and a great barbeque at Jochen's place. Thank also to his nice wife Anja for the friendly host. They let us all take a shower which was such a relief after 2 days without.
At the last evening in Sulzbach more people could have shown up but those who were there liked it very much and they also danced. Unfortunately Zerocharisma had to leave in the same night but the guys from Magnified Eye hanged out with us once again and it was a great farewell party at Luckies appartment. Unfortunately he had to work the next day.
All in all it was one of our fabulist time we ever had. There were no problems, no worries and no quarrels. Everyone was friendly and we should have needed some more time.
A special thanks goes out to Magnified Eye and Zerocharisma for great gigs, party and for the long way they drove, to Jochen who was our Tour manager and arranged everything successfully and last but not least a big shout out to our roadie Nils. Without him the Tour wouldn't have been that funny.