Includes 3 Rickshaw and 3 Duster69 tracks plus one video from each band!

Out on WUCK RECORDS, Italy



"Skull" on black shirt

available in sizes s - xl, 10 EUR each







"Logo" on burgundy, red, stone, blue shirt

available in sizes s - xl, 10 EUR each

All shirts "Fruit of the loom Super Premium"

Designed by Ralf Burkart from Daredevil Magazine / Buero-Nord (www.bueru-nord.de)


RIDE THE SILVER HORSES (street date 13.09)

3rd full-length from Duster 69. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music New Jersey.

The CD contains a professional Videoclip for the opener DEEP DOWN and a photogallery.

The cover artwork was done by Alex from Heckspoiler Music

Pictures again by Anja Winkler


ROCK HARD 09/2004: Duster 69 haben mit Sicherheit den kompletten Kyuss - Backkatalog in der heimischen Schrankwand stehen, reichern ihre Dröhnexzesse aber immer mit eigenständigen, unwiderstehlichen Hooks an, die das Quartett auch international in die allererste Liga katapultieren. Krorker Scheiß, Jungs!

METAL HAMMER 10/2004: Anfänglich leises Gitarrengeplänkel - und dann die Rock-Watsch`n auf die Zwölf: Der fette Opener "Deep down" drückt ganz schön aufs Gas! Bin ich hier etwa in Schweden gelandet? Oh, doch nur in "Good old Dschörmanä". Aber was heißt hier "nur"? Den Jungs von Duster 69 könnte man schon abnehmen, dass sie aus dem Land der hübschen Blondinen und des gepflegten Rock kommen, den Letzterer wird hier in eigener Art und Weise fabriziert. Vollgas ohne Unterlass heißt die Devise aber nicht. So geben sich fast auf jedem der zwölf Songs kernige Grooves a la Kyuss, Fat-Ass-Rock, ruhige Momente und eingängige Melodien die Klinke in die Hand.

HEAVY ODER WAS?! 09/2004: ...gut produzierten Album, das rockt wie Sau. Dagegen klingen Nebula und Kyuss schon kommerziell.

LEGACY 09/2004: Diese Band rockt!

CD COMPILATIONS: Rock Hard Dynamit CD (09/2004), OX Fanzine CD (09/2004), Wahrschauer CD (10/2004), Burn the street Vol.3 (11/2004)

TRACKLIST:Deep Down . Triangle in an empty room without any windows . Rollercoaster . Bring me down . Devils Eye . Bad Luck . Schoolbus . Butterfly . Pride . 50 Miles . Hope you will . Where my flowers grow

MY SISTERS DEMON 10" (Split with The Awesome Machine from Sweden)

This is a 10" vinyl release by Daredevil Records. Side one features 3 songs from swedish Stoner Kings THE AWESOME MACHINE.
The Duster 69 material is the first release after one compilation contribution with the new line-up. The songs were recorded in one night and got mixed by Mike Mehner at Blank Man Studio/Germany.

The cover artwork was done by Arjen from netherlands rocker SPOILER! (coming soon)

Pictures again by Anja Winkler

Laugh is suffocated


MY SISTERS DEMON CD (Split with The Awesome Machine from Sweden)

This is the CD version. It gets released by Fluid Groove/MGM (Australia) and Bellaphon (Europe). First 3 songs featuring swedish Stoner Kings THE AWESOME MACHINE. The CD-version features one Duster 69 extra track called "Pride".

The cover artwork is different to the 10" version and was done by Brad Larter from Fluid Groove.

Pictures again by Anja Winkler

Laugh is suffocated
Pride (bonus track)




DUSTER 69 - same (2001)

The second, untitled release was recorded in January/February 2001 at Freakstone Studio/Germany. It was the same place as we recorded our debut. Georg Graser did that job again. It was recorded in 18 hours, because we wanted to have that live-feeling on it. First mastering was done in March by Martin Person at Freakstone, Second mastering in June by Mike Mehner at Blank Man Studio.

The CD contains a videoclip from the song Dust Crusher, done by Timo Lauber, a semiprofessional Independent film-maker.

Pictures made by Anja Winkler and the cover-artwork was done by Gert Vritschan,

Baby, strip down
Monster Superblast
Burn out
Dust Crusher
Rhino`s Dance
Cactus Jumper



INTERSTELLAR BURST has been recorded and produced in March / April at Freakstone Studio Germany. A real cool and freaky place for cool and freaky music.

Georg Graser has been the freak behind the board. During the recording sessions we were visited by some friends and two of them, Jens and Ralf from Calamus / Daredevil Magazine did some freaky guitar and vocal stuff. To be heard on the recording.

Ralf is also responsible for the cool cover artwork of INTERSTELLAR BURST - he did a great job !

The whole stuff has been mastered at S&D Hof / Germany


2nd Floor Landing
Astro-Face Man
Sound of Ocean
Interstellar Burst
Spin Me Round
Signal From Mars
Grav Zero
Blue Road

BLACKTOP`s highway (out on the BURN THE STREET VOL. I compilation) has also been recorded in this relaxed atmosphere during the INTERSTELLAR BURST sessions.

2004 Tour-Shirt

T-Shirt DUSTER 69 - logo

Color: Black



SPLIT 7" CALAMUS vs. DUSTER 69 - extra heavy

The split 7" has been recorded and mixed within 5 hours in March 1999 at a small studio in the countryside of bavaria. It was more like a jam-session than a real recording process. Everything has been recorded live and in one take, with no overdubs. So don`t expect the perfect performance and sound. It really sounds live....

Side One:


- Stickshift

Side Two:


- Centretrip



- Controller

The split 7" became SINGLE OF THE MONTH in August 1999 at METEORCITY RECORDS / USA and is now sold out!



V/A BURNED DOWN TO ZERO CD (2000 Daredevil Records/Monster Zero Records - Germany) with the song Tornado/2nd Floor Landing. Sold out in the meantime.

V/A NEW RAYS FROM A RISING BLACK SUN double CD (2001 Dirt Culture Magazine - USA) with the song Burn out as a special mix.

V/A GRINDER MAGAZINE CD (2001 Grinder Magazine - Chile) with the song Underflow.

V/A A COLLECTION OF GREAT DANCE TUNES Vol.2 7" LP(HDP Records/Sweden) with the song Schoolbus

LP/CD (People like you/Stonerrock.com) with the song schoolbus

CD #56 (2004 Ox Magazine - Germany)

CD #49 (2004 Wahrschauer Magazine - Germany)

CD # 43 (2004 Rock Hard Magazine - Germany)